Firearms´ Dorfner - Your Weapons and Ammunition Store for Rare Cartridges and Shells

Welcome to Firearms´ Dorfner, your specialist retailer for rare rifle ammunition. In our store, customers find an assortment of rare shells and cartridges which are no longer produced by the industry.

Obsolete Cartridges at Firearms´ Dorfner

Our family enterprise was founded as early as in 1873 and has specialized in retailing rare arms and ammunition from 1979. Today we are offering a wide and varied assortment of rare and obsolete shells and cartridges for current and historic rifles, shotguns, and carbines. Our customers appreciate our expertise and personal service and advice, as well as the wide selection and assortment of ammunition in our popular store. Come on by if you are looking for rare rifle ammunition, we will be glad to be at your service.

Commercial Ammunitions Production in Vienna

High quality - ideally made in Austria - is paramount to you? Then you have come to the right address! Being a commercial and certified ammunitions producer, we offer rare and obsolete cartridges and shells to other retailers as well as to professional hunters, and rifle associations. Our main mission is to contribute our share to reviving rare and historic rifles. Our state-of-the-art facility in Austria permits the production of rare and even customized calibres.

High Quality Ammunition

Naturally our company places a strong emphasis on the highest quality materials and impeccable manufacturing. These factors we can control and guarantee at any time in our production facility. Due to our high quality standards of materials and manufacturing we can vouch for lasting and uniform quality, even after years. The shelf life of our cartridges is short, as they are always being manufactured just-in-time. Most of them are CIP-certified sold in packets of 20 units.

Firearms´ Dorfner – Your Expert for Rare Ammunition and Rifle Cartridges

Got time to reload? We either have your ammunition on stock or we produce rare and custom-made cartridges for historic shotguns upon your request. Contact us via phone or E-mail or pay a visit to our store in Vienna. We can practically ship world-wide and will be happy to deal with all your requests.