Rifle-Ammo for Hunting and Sports at Firearms´ Dorfner in Vienna

Our rifle ammunition is almost a surefire guarantee of perfect cartridges for successful hunting and skilful marksmanship at the shooting range. Our customers, especially hunters, appreciate our meticulous and impeccable manufacturing process resulting in the highest quality of riffle ammunition.

Rare rifle cartridges and custom-made ammunition

Our advantage? We control the entire process from the first step in production to the final packaging and shipping, as we produce the cartridges in our own private manufacturing facility. This allows us to custom-produce individualized ammunition according to your specs.

Shipping and Pick-up in Vienna, Austria

In the firearms trade it is paramount to adhere to legal regulations. Our cartridges and ammunitions are available to customers aged 18 or older. Since Austrian law does not permit shipping firearms and firearms-related equipment, we ship your order to a certified weapons retailer at a destination of your choice. This way we can reach customers all over Europe and beyond and ship to certified retailers at your convenience where you can pick up your order easily. Of course we appreciate and welcome your direct collection in our Viennese store as well.

All our Ammunition at a Glance

Currently we manufacture more than 50 different calibres for customers around the globe.